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Increasingly, we have the arising question: Why do we often feel weakened?

 Life expectancy, general health, mental health, and many other indicators are worsening from year to year.

What is the reason of it? 

The reasons are numerous. This is the poor quality of food we eat, constant stress, and lack of physical activity. However, there is another cause, created by humans – severe environmental pollution. Air in the cities is poisoned by exhaust fumes and dust particles; water is contaminated with garbage from factories. Soil and underground waters contain high concentrations of   heavy metals, pesticides and radionuclides. All these chemicals enter the food we eat, and such food chronically, day by day poisons our body. It all causes the unbearable load for the liver, kidneys, lymph and intestines to digest and at least partially to excrete toxic substances.

What will save us from environmental pollutants?

The solution comes from the memory of generations. Try to remember what food prevailed in the diet of our ancestors?  - Fruits and vegetables! Or rather fiber, that they contain in a large amount. The fiber that plants contain has many beneficial properties and is called pectin.

Pectin,   being a part of plants, protects them from the negative effects of environment. When pectin enters the human body it retains its function of protecting of the body from chemical pollutants.


 Pectin củ cải đường                                                          Pectin táo

Pectin promotes the normalization of metabolism, reduces cholesterol in the blood, improves peripheral blood circulation and peristalsis. However, the most valuable of its properties is that pectin has the ability to cleanse the living organisms from harmful substances. And this natural "cleanser" works very diligently and efficiently, without leaving any “waste” in the body after itself. At the same time it does not upset the bacteriological balance in the intestines; moreover, pectin promotes the growth of good intestinal microflora.

Many experts call pectin the corpsman of the human body due to its unique ability to cleanse the body from harmful substances such as radioactive elements, ions of toxic metals and pesticides. Important to mention is that fact, that   pectin does not alter the metabolism of nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, iron, etc. Pectin slows the absorption of sugars in the gastrointestinal tract and thereby contributes to maintaining the normal blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and hypoglycemia. All this makes pectin a truly unique product for healthy lifestyle!

 Regular consumption of pectin is recommended even to pregnant and breastfeeding women that characterizes it as a safe and effective natural remedy.

Different fruits and vegetables contain different quantity of pectin. Apples and sugar beet roots are the richest in pectin. Exactly from these products PECTIN COMPLEX is manufactured.

PECTIN COMPLEX has no contraindications and side effects. It is effective preparation for conducting body cleansing from all toxic environmental pollutants. PECTIN COMPLEX is  100% natural product, does not contain any  artificial ingredients, colorings, preservatives or  flavorings.

Who is recommended the take PECTIN COMPLEX?

Residents of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and other major cities with no evident health problems, are recommended to take 2 courses of PECTIN COMPLEX per year. If there are  clinical symptoms of intoxication, fatigue and significant deterioration of health - the number of courses should be increased to 3 per year.

In provinces of Viet Nam with a high level of environmental pollution, PECTIN COMPLEX should be taken for a longer time - 3-4 courses per year.

Prophylactic intake of PECTIN COMPLEX is recommended to everybody, especially to pregnant women, the elderly and children.

Eat well, take care of yourself and stay healthy!




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