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    One of the causes of weakness, irritability, fatigue and inflammations on face is contamination of the body with toxins and a malfunction of organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Body detoxification, which has recently become not only a hot trend, but a necessity, will help in this case.

     Detoxification refers to cleansing the body of toxins.

     Do you think this problem is not relevant for you? It is possible, but first let's find out more about toxins.

What are toxins?

    The word "toxin" comes from the Greek toxikos, which means "poisonous." Simply put, toxins are poisons that accumulate inside us at the cellular level.

    Toxins are chemical substances and biologically active substances of plant, animal, microbial or artificial origin, disturbing metabolism and impairing  work of vital body systems.

 How do the toxins get into our body?

    The main source is environment. Poisons enter our body with food, water, from the air and through the skin. The source of toxins can also be intestinal parasites - helminths, roundworm and the like. These pathogenic bacteria and viruses poison us with these toxins.

 How can detoxification help?

   In recent years, it is increasingly necessary to stimulate the purification of poisons, even for people who have a healthy lifestyle, because of  environmental pollution.

   Let us turn to ruthless statistics. The World Health Organization informs that the unsatisfactory environmental situation causes the death of more than 13 million people per year. In Vietnam, 95% of the urban population is exposed to air pollution.

    The situation is aggravated by the unsatisfactory quality of drinking water, which leads to diseases of vital organs. Soil pollution directly affects the quality of agricultural products consumed.

    So, we breathe polluted air, drink water that does not meet sanitary and epidemiological standards, consume food saturated with pesticides. Is it any wonder the consequences?

Signs that the body needs detoxification

    How do I know that my body suffers from accumulated toxins?

    It's time to think about detoxification, if you find yourself having these symptoms:

• Reduced immunity.

• General malaise.

• Constant fatigue, periodic depression. Any work seems overwhelming and difficult and your favorite things no longer bring joy and satisfaction.

• Increased irritability. To get out of bed in the morning – feels the same as to climb a scaffold. All this is accompanied by headache, aching joints, muscle cramps.

• Changes in hormonal metabolism. You can feel a change in body odor, sweating, weight fluctuations regardless of the change in diet.

• Problems with appearance. Hair loses shine, splits, nails become brittle, skin condition worsens - it peels off, acne formations appear.

• Problems with metabolism and digestion. The feeling of heaviness in a stomach becomes habitual, there is an excess weight.

    Having found at least 3 abovementioned signs in your body, the first thing to do is to conduct detoxification in order to prevent more serious health consequences and development of chronic diseases.

Main principles of detoxification:

• Reduce the impact of negative environmental factors. If you use tap water for drinking and cooking, use filters even before boiling.

• Try to spend more time in nature outside the city to breathe fresh air.

• Give preference to food manufactured in environmentally friendly conditions.

• Maintain good personal hygiene. Toxins, abundantly contained in urban dust, can be absorbed through skin. Washing hands frequently and taking a shower regularly will help to wash off toxins from the skin.

• Eat right. There is nothing to discuss here, nutrition is the main way how various substances get into our body, both useful and not. Without quality control of products and the improvement of the diet, any detoxification measures simply cannot be really effective. Forget the words "fast food" and "soda."

• Try to consume more fiber, which also helps to bind and excrete toxins. In big   amounts it is contained in greens, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables

• Consume less salt, which retains fluid and interferes with metabolism.

• Be physically active! Do yoga, pilates, go for long walks.

• Detoxify your body with scientifically proven effective products. Detoxification is the elimination of poisons from the body. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of toxins once and for all. Detox should be carried out periodically.

    We offer you an effective natural solution  -a Ukrainian detox health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX. The combined composition of this product includes two main ingredients: highly purified sugar beetroot pectin - a natural sorbent, that collects allergens, chemical or biological poisons, alcohol decomposition products and eliminates from the body. The second ingredient is apple pectin, which is also a sorbent and at the same time a prebiotic component that stimulates the development of beneficial microflora (lactobacilli) in the intestine.

    PECTIN COMPLEX also contains 13 vitamins that strengthen the body and have an antioxidant effect.

    PECTIN COMPLEX is recommended for adults and children with acute and chronic poisoning with heavy metal salts, medicines, alcohol, as well as dysbacteriosis, meteorism, allergies, and lipid metabolism disorders. Also it is prescribed as an adjunct to antibiotic therapy for infections of the gastrointestinal tract and other inflammatory processes.



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