What is sugar beet pectin? How can it be useful for your health?





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Sugar beet pectin, which is the basic ingredient of a dietary detox supplement PECTIN COMPLEX is a natural compound belonging to the class of polysaccharides and water-soluble dietary fibers. It is derived from sugar beet roots, grown in the fields in the most ecologically pure areas of Ukraine without the use of any chemical fertilizers. 

After entering the gastrointestinal tract, sugar beet pectin swells, forming a gelatinous mass that adsorbs undigested food residues, contributes to suppression of pathogens, stimulates the synthesis of vitamins in the body, accelerates intestinal peristalsis.

However the most useful property of sugar beet pectin is to eliminate all known chemical and bacterial toxins from the body, thereby helping to prevent many environmentally dependent diseases such as the diseases of digestive and cardiovascular systems, allergies and cancer.

How does sugar beet pectin differ from other types of pectin?

Leading scientists of Ukrainian National Academy of Medical Sciences have developed a unique sophisticated technology of extraction of highly purified pharmaceutical-grade pectin from sugar beets. This type of pectin has very strong sorption-de toxifying properties and as a natural detoxifying agent has no analogues in the world.

Japanese scientists state that among other types of pectin, sugar beet pectin  has the strongest ability  to form complexes with heavy metal ions (such as lead, mercury, arsenic, strontium, etc).

In the digestive tract, sugar beet pectin binds with heavy metals and form insoluble complexes, which are not absorbed  in the gut and  are excreted with feces and urine.

The Institute of Public Health of Ukraine in process of researches has been obtained data that sugar beet pectin normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood, thereby greatly reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

In the process of digestion some part of sugar beet  pectin is  hydrolyzed by intestinal microorganisms and forms oligogalacturonic  and galacturonic acids, which are  absorbed in the gut and enter the bloodstream and bind heavy metals in the blood, bones and other body tissues and are later excreted  with urine. Thus, sugar beet pectin not only cleanses the bowel, but also the blood and the whole body.

In addition to its cleansing effect, sugar beet pectin also reduces inflammation of the intestines, has a therapeutic effect at a stomach ulcer.

Health detox supplement PECTIN COMPLEX consists for 60%  from purified pharmaceutical-grade sugar beet pectin. Toxicologists and physicians recommend to take 2 courses of body cleansing with PECTIN COMPLEX a year for guaranteed protection from environmental pollutants  and their adverse health effects.




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