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The ability of sugar beet pectin to excrete heavy metals was also studied in an experiment on animals with lead intoxication. Sugar beet pectin was compared with citrus pectin. Before and after injections of lead acetate to the mice, the level of lead in the blood, feces and urine; also bones and other internal organs was numerously tested during the experiment. During this study, the dynamics of their body weight, function of the gastrointestinal tract, general condition was carefully observed.

Injection of lead acetate in terms of a clinical test

The obtained data confirms that the main way of excretion of lead from the body by sugar beet pectin is the gastrointestinal tract. By the way, when using sugar beet pectin, the active auxiliary role of the kidneys in the excretion of lead from the body was noted. Medical sugar beet pectin much more effectively binds and excretes lead from the body, in comparison with citrus pectin and it has a broader spectrum of antitoxic action in lead poisoning.

The results obtained are important because they  confirm that the health detox supplement  PECTIN COMPLEX  should be used not only for prevention purposes as a means of blocking the absorption of lead into the body, but also as a therapeutic one, which has the function of removing lead from its deposited forms (from bones, brain and  internal organs).

Another biochemical examination of workers at the lead and zinc processing plant made it possible to find out that the lead content in blood, urine and feces is 5-12 times higher than the marginal limits of generally accepted norms.

A workers of the lead and zinc processing plant with elevated blood level

 Within the program of lead detoxification the workers at this plant during 1 month took PECTIN COMPLEX in the dosage of 4 tablets 3 times a day. There also was a control group of workers who did not take PECTIN COMPLEX. During this treatment program all workers underwent 3 tests with the aim to determine the content of lead in the blood, urine and feces at the beginning of the treatment, in  12 days after its start and at the end of it. At the end of the course of application of PECTIN COMPLEX, there was a significant decrease in the concentration of lead in the blood with a slightly higher level of lead in urine and feces, which indicated the removal of lead from the body in a natural way - with feces and urine. After 1 month of PECTIN COMPLEX application, all workers noted the improvement in general health condition, absence of dysfunction of gastrointestinal tract, improvement of appetite.  At the same time,  the results of this treatment  showed that for the complete evacuation of lead entering the body daily  in high quantities in the conditions of  industrial production, it is necessary to take enterosorbents longer, possibly even constantly. And the only one natural remedy with scientifically proven positive effect is a health detox supplement PECTIN COMPLEX.

Also, there has been recently another study, conducted with the participation of people suffering from chronic mercury intoxication.

Mercury intoxicated patient

 This study showed that due to the intake of PECTIN COMPLEX, significant changes occured not only in the intensity but also in the character of the excretion of mercury. So, already 5 days after the start of treatment, there was an increase in the number of patients with a "physiological" type of excretion (mercury was excreted actively with urine and feces). By day 10, their number doubled, and by the 15th day of treatment in 96.6% of patients the excretion of mercury achieved its maximum.  Additionally, already in the first days of treatment, a clear positive dynamics appeared: the intensity of nausea and heartburn decreased, spontaneous pains in the abdomen disappeared, and soreness during the palpation of the abdomen decreased. The course of application of PECTIN COMPLEX also had a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract: decreased inflammations in the esophagus and in the stomach. Detailed analysis of the biomaterial indicates that patients who received PECTIN COMPLEX improved their general well-being, decreased the number of complaints related to disorders of the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems.

 PECTIN COMPLEX has been successfully applied for many years in many Ukrainian enterprises, where working conditions are associated with pollutants of chemical and physical nature, excessive stresses, stressful situations and a number of other occupational hazards.  Practical experience has shown that in those enterprises where milk was replaced by PECTIN COMPLEX, employees have improved health, increased productivity and reduced the number of days with temporary disability by 20-30%.

PECTIN COMPLEX is an effective preparation for body cleansing from different chemical contaminators which is easy to apply under operating conditions, without the necessity to be hospitalized for detoxification.

PECTIN COMPLEX is the most promising natural remedy used and supported by leading state medical institutions of Ukraine and Vietnam for removing heavy metals and radionuclides from the human body. On the basis of complex clinical and hygienic studies in both of abovementioned countries, PECTIN COMPLEX is officially recommended for use in the therapeutic and preventive dietary nutrition of various population groups, including those with particularly harmful working conditions and especially those exposed to radionuclides and heavy metal compounds.



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