Apple pectin fight cancer more effectively than chemotherapy





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Laboratory studies have shown that pectin (purified polysaccharide) contained in apples, kills up to 46 percent of human colon cancer cells, and by far is superior to all of the most commonly used chemotherapy drugs at any stage of the disease.

Unlike chemotherapy and other toxic drugs, pectin (purified polysaccharide) is a  natural health strengthening compound, contained in a large amount in vegetables and fruits.

Currently, colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer mortality among women worldwide, and the third leading cause of death for men.

Standard chemotherapy drugs used in the treatment of colon cancer allow only to achieve a partial recovery, and have serious side effects such as spasm of the coronary vessels, neurotoxicity, anemia and immunosuppression.

Researchers have focused on studying  the properties of apple pectin as natural means of  complex treatment and prevention of colon cancer, since this beneficial natural substance is produced  in many countries.

The results of the scientific research have already demonstrated a good effect and a huge potential of using pectin (purified polysaccharide) in the complex treatment of breast, ovarian, lung, liver and colon cancer.

Chinese researchers from the University in Xian received pectin (purified polysaccharide) from apple pomace and split it to oligosaccharides with the help of pectinase enzyme, in order  to divide polysaccharides  into smaller molecules.

Later, the researches added  oligosaccharides in various concentrations to the cultivated cells of  human cancer. They received the outstanding result: in vitro ,  pectin, split to oligosaccharides, was more effective than chemotherapy drugs by  induction of  apoptosis (death of the cancer cells).

For example, at a concentration of only 0.9 micrograms per ml (about 0,9 PPM), oligosaccharides killed 17.6 percent of colon cancer cells after 36 hours, whereas drug chemotherapy killed only 10.9 percent (at higher concentration of 1.3 micrograms per ml).

At a concentration of 9,0 PPM, pectin (purified polysaccharide split to oligosaccharides) killed 46 percent of cells of colon cancer.

But more important it is that apple pectin is non-toxic to normal cells, and therefore it can be used at higher concentrations than chemical anti-cancer drugs.

Recently, pectin is receiving increasing attention of scientists as a product which strengthens the health. During the studies it was also found that pectin improves intestinal flora, regulates blood sugar, and strengthens the immune system.

In nature, pectin is found in many plants (fruits, vegetables and even seaweed).

This new study is one more significant proof that apple pectin has a powerful anti-cancer effect even at low concentrations.

An important fact is also that pectin can be obtained from apple pomace, which is cheap and affordable waste of industrial production of apple juice. It is produced about four million tons of apple pomace annually. This factor opens big future opportunities for using pectin as low-cost natural medicine.



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