People live near battery factories worrying about lead pollution





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Source: vtv.vn


Many people in An Duong village, Hai Phong city are worried about the risk of lead contamination because they have to live around the battery factory.

Many people in An Duong village, Hai Phong city are worried about the risk of lead contamination because they have to live not far from the battery factory.

     Vegetables are grown only for sale, no one living in this area dares to eat them - this situation is happening in An Duong village, An Dong commune, An Duong district, Hai Phong city – this is the area where Tia Sang battery factory is located.

     Although there have not been any studies or conclusions regarding lead contamination occurring there, but having some strange health manifestations, many people have expressed concern.

     Facing the potential risks of lead contamination of people living  around the  battery manufacturing factory  , the Ministry of Health of Vietnam has conducted a physical examination, blood and hair samples tests  of  more than 200 children living there to check lead concentration.

     In addition to determining the concentration of lead in the body, the team also took samples of water, soil, and food from households living around the factory for testing. It is expected that the official results will confirm whether the environment and the people there are affected by lead or not. The results of this survey will be announced within the next 45 days.

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