Pollution and child development





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Pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and death in the world today. Pollution is responsible for 9 million deaths per year – 16% of all deaths worldwide – three times more deaths than from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. In many parts of the world, in particular in Vietnam, pollution is getting worse.

Pollution is also a major cause of developmental disabilities: injuries that impair children’s health, diminish their capacity to learn, and reduce their lifetime earnings. Pollution exposures in the first 1000 days of life – from the birth to age of 2 years old– are especially dangerous, because during this time children’s bodies are growing and their organ systems are moving through complex developmental processes that can easily be disrupted. Exposures to even low levels of pollution during the first 1000 days can stunt children’s growth, increase their risk of disease, and cause lasting damage to their brains, lungs, reproductive organs and immune systems.

Air pollution, especially fine particulate air pollution, is a hazard worldwide. A mother’s exposure to particulate air pollution during pregnancy can injure her child’s brain and thus diminish the child’s intelligence, shorten attention span and increase risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Air pollution exposure in pregnancy increases risk for prematurity and low birthweight, two further risk factors for developmental disabilities. And air pollution exposure during infancy and early childhood causes lung damage and leads to asthma, pneumonia and chronic pulmonary disease.

Chemical pollution is another hazard. More than 140,000 new chemicals and pesticides have been invented in the past 50 years. Young children and pregnant women are exposed daily to manufactured chemicals in air, water, consumer products and food. Routine monitoring surveys detect several hundred chemical pollutants in the bodies of all world population. Some widely used chemicals are known to be toxic to children’s development. But because of weak governmental regulations, hundreds more have never been tested for safety or toxicity and their possible dangers to children’s health are not known.

Neurotoxic pollutants – chemicals that cause silent damage to children’s brains – are an especially grave threat. An example is lead. Exposure to even very low levels of lead during pregnancy and in early childhood can cause reduced IQ and impaired learning in childhood, juvenile delinquency in adolescence, and increased risk of violent crime in adult life. Early life exposures to other neurotoxic pollutants such as organophosphate pesticides, mercury, brominated flame retardants, and the plastics chemicals – phthalates and bisphenol A – are linked to learning disabilities, ADHD, conduct disorders and autism.

Of the thousands of chemicals in commerce, only about 12 have been proven to cause developmental neurotoxicity in children, but another 200 can cause neurotoxicity in adult workers, and another 1000 are neurotoxic in experimental animals. It is not known how many of the untested chemicals in wide use today may be able to cause injury to children’s developing brains.

The great danger of pollution exposure in early life is that it can undermine efforts to enhance children’s development through improved nutrition, early learning and better healthcare. Because it erodes children’s potential to learn and diminishes their capacity to develop and grow, pollution condemns generations of children to a lifetime of disease and poverty.

Parents are responsible to protect their children’s health and take care of well-being of future generations.

The key environmental problem of Vietnam is lead pollution. Especially it is dangerous for children, because chronic exposure of children even to small amounts of lead can cause serious retardation and impairment of physical and mental condition of kids.

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