Rang Dong company fire: There were 112 people infected with mercury in the blood





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Source: Bao Moi

According to information from the Hanoi Department of Health, in 4 days of organizing free health checks for people at the health stations of Ha Dinh and Thanh Xuan Trung wards, nearly 1,200 people came to visit.

These are the people living near the area where the fires of Rang Dong Company were located within a radius of 500m from the center of a fire incident warned by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

From September 6 to 9, among the medical examination residents, 320 people with abnormal symptoms were referred to higher-level hospitals for mercury and blood tests.

Rang Dong fire scene was not covered at that time.

Saint Paul General Hospital has 19 cases, Thanh Nhan Hospital 5 cases and Dong Da General Hospital 14 cases come to do screening tests for mercury poisoning risk.

All urine and blood samples are sent to the Institute of Occupational Health and Environment (Ministry of Health) for testing. Of the 38 cases sent, 30 reported low blood mercury concentrations below 10 mcg / L (the maximum level allowed).

Previously, the Poison Control Center - Bach Mai Hospital had 82 cases with mercury in the blood lower than 10 mcg / L. Thus, up to now, there have been 112 people with mercury in their blood due to the impact of Rang Dong company fire.

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