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Give the purest embryo environment to baby

Being a happy pregnant woman, you try to eat only healthy foods, to rest a lot and to have less stress. You think you have done everything to give everything best for your future baby.But this is wrong, because living in a severely polluted environment, you are surrounded by many toxins that are constantly attacking you and your fetus, ruthlessly poisoning both of you .

For these who wants to have a healthy baby, the first priority is that the parents should keep their body healthy. The defense mechanism of fetus is relatively immature, and the immune system cannot work effectively. Hence, accumulation of chemical substances in body of a fetus and newborn can reach 3-10 times of adult’s level. This kind of pollution might come from the chemical accumulation in maternal body or from polluted sperm of father during the fertilization process.

The toxins are getting into your body in different ways:


  • Air pollution
  • Household cleaning products


  • Water pollution
  • Food additives
  • Marine pollution


  • Cosmetics
  • Electronic equipment


  • Hormones
  • Insecticide Agricultural chemicals Plasticizers


In the early stage of pregnancy, the fetal organs are under critical process of differentiation. The key organs (heart and lungs), skeleton and nervous system are developing in this process. The differential growth of cells will be influenced if they are disturbed by any toxins.

LEAD: Report from WHO proved that lead can influence the fetus through placenta. It may cause mental and physical harm, hyperactivity and ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

MERCURY: Negatively influences the brain development of fetus

AIR POLLUTION: Causes genetic mutations and chromosome abnormality

RADIATION: Causes miscarriage, Fetal malformation, interference to fetation

FORMALDEHYDE: Neonatal chromosomal aberrations and leukemia

ENVIRONMENTAL HORMONE: Neonatal genital hypoplasia, unrecognizable genitals

INSECTISIDE: Cause direct impact to fetal brain development, hyperactivity and premature delivery

FOOD ADDITIVES: Fetal growth retardation, poor appetite after birth

The purest embryo growth circumstance to baby

Before getting pregnant and during pregnancy you have to flush out toxins in order to give birth to a healthy baby.

PECTIN COMPLEX - a Ukrainian health supplement is recommended by the Decree of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for pregnant women for prevention of obstetric pathologies during pregnancy.

The pharmaceutical-grade modified sugar beetroot pectin and apple pectin that are the main ingredients of PECTIN COMPLEX. They contain highly concentrated D-galacturonic acid, its molecules become strongly viscose and absorptive, which provides a significant detoxifying effect. Sugar beetroot pectin and apple pectin have negative ions (-) that bind with positive ions (+) of heavy metals in the intestinal tract and blood. It then can be excreted by our body through metabolism.

Raw material for manufacturing PECTIN COMPLEX is sugar beetroots and apples of the best quality are grown in Ukraine. The unique growing environment gives them 65% more concentration of pectin than other beets and apples.

100% natural, 0% genetic modification, made in Ukraine, which is a part of Europe.

It takes 230 kg sugar beetroots and 250 kg apples to make 2 kg of pharmaceutical-grade pectin. In a daily dosage of PECTIN COMPLEX concentrated 4 grams of pectin that equals 4 beetroots and 9 apples. For effective detoxification a person needs to take 12 tablets of PECTIN COMPLEX, which is 4 gr. of highly effective pectin.

PECTIN COMPLEX is the only one product on the market that contains low esterified pectin that has much higher sorption capacity than others to provide excellent clinical effect as it was in the support treatment of Chernobyl survivors.

In Vietnam the key environmental problem is lead pollution. Especially it is dangerous for children, because chronic exposure of mother during pregnancy or of the children even to small amounts cause serious retardation and impairment of physical and mental condition of kids.

The solution to ensure good health for you and your children is natural periodic body detoxification. In Vietnam, PECTIN COMPLEX, a natural detox health supplement imported from Ukraine is the only one product that is recommended and used by the Ministry of health of Vietnam and the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health of Vietnam for the national program of support treatment of lead intoxication of children and adults living in populated areas of Vietnam like Hung Yen , Bac Ninh , Ninh Binh , Bac Can, Thai Nguyen and others.

Unlike other detox products, PECTIN COMPLEX is the only one natural supplement that has a scientifically proven effect of significant elimination of lead and other heavy metals from the body in a natural way. This product is absolutely safe and is officially approved for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children. It also strengthens the immune system and decreases the frequency of seasonal diseases in children.

Be healthy and happy with PECTIN COMPLEX!




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