SENSATION: Ukrainian PECTIN is the most effective natural remedy for elimination of heavy metals from the body





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PECTIN is often referred to as the natural "sanitation" of the human body, because it has the ability to remove such poisons and harmful substances from the body tissues as: pesticides, heavy metal ions, radioactive elements, not disturbing the natural bacteriological balance of the body.


Sugar beet pectin and its chemical formula

The ability of pectin to detoxify the body from harmful substances is due to its complexing properties. Inside the intestine pectin forms solid insoluble chelate complexes with heavy metals, which are called metal pectinates. They are not absorbed in the intestines and removed them from the body with feces.

Pectin can form complexes with such heavy metals as lead, cobalt, mercury, cadmium, chromium, zinc, iron, cesium, zirconium, ruthenium, etc.

Pectin also has a protective action on the intestinal walls. As the result of this process, a thin film is formed on the walls of the intestines which reduce the absorption of harmful substances such as metals, radionuclides, and other toxic substances into the bloodstream.

Long-term studies of Ukrainian toxicologist, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Trachtenberg I.M. show that sugar beet pectin and apple pectin bind and excrete the following heavy metals from the body  in such % ratio:

Trachtenberg I.M.- Ukrainian toxicologist, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

  • Cobalt - 90%;                                                                                                
  • Lead - 30-80%;
  • Copper - more than 45%;
  • Cs - 75%;
  • Ianthanum - 45-75%;
  • Zirconium - more than 60%;
  • Ni - 80%;
  • Strontium - 16-42%.

Active binding of pectin with heavy metals and radionuclides occurs within 1-2 hours after the intake of pectin containing health supplements.

In Vietnam there is a high-quality Ukrainian pectin health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX. This health supplement is certified and well-studied in Ukraine and Vietnam and officially recommended for use by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the National Institute of Occupational Environmental Health in Vietnam.

High efficiency  PECTIN COMPLEX  in excreting toxic substances from the body defines this preparation as  extremely useful and the most promising natural remedy  in preventive nutrition of Vietnam's population in order to reduce the risk of heavy metal (in particular lead ) intoxication.



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