Seven home items that provoke cancer





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  Seven home items that provoke cancer

Recent scientific studies confirm that dangerous carcinogens such as formaldehyde, triclosan, naphthalene are the cause of cancer. Household goods with a high concentration of these hazardous chemicals continue to fill the market, and we bring them all into the house.

                         Things that cause cancer

Air fresheners, chemicals for cleaning

If you accidentally deeply inhale air freshener, you can get not only inflammation of the upper respiratory tract but more serious health problems. Modern fresheners contain volatile substances that provoke the development of malignant cells in the body

Try to use less powerful chemical means to clean different surfaces at home, because strong chemical detergents not only kill dirt- they kill your health. Fortunately, it is possible to maintain your house clean using natural means.

Toothpaste and mouth rinsers

Widespread substances in toothpastes are triclosan and fluoride. These are very dangerous compounds that have the property to accumulate in the body. Also dangerous are bright dyes, which are excessively contained in toothpastes. It's time to switch to organic natural toothpaste.

Crockery with teflon coating

In general, Teflon coated dishes are considered to be safe. Teflon coatings allow you to cook with a minimum amount of oil, the food does not burn. But as soon as the first  scratches appear on it, it becomes dangerous.

When heating the damaged Teflon coating, perfluorooctane carboxylic acid is profusely released.This chemical even in small quantities is highly dangerous for people’s health, especially for children.

Dirty shoes

When you come home, you should immediately put your shoes in a special locker. The fact is that on our shoes we bring home harmful chemicals – such as  lead, pesticides and many others.

Decorative candles      


Сandle wicks very often contain lead to increase their hardness. Lead causes hormonal imblance in people of all ages; children may have problems with education and suffer from attention disorders if there is too much lead in the house. Lead accumulates in the body and promotes the development of cancer cells.

Deodorants and antiperspirants

Containing aluminum, phthalates and triclosan antiperspirants should disappear from your home. It is especially dangerous to use such means for women - it has been proved that aluminum causes of breast cancer.

Shower curtain

It is much better to put a glass panel in the shower. When the bathroom is wet and hot, a plastic curtain begins to emit many dangerous substances into the air.

Paints and varnishes

When using a paint or varnish in the house, do not forget to air all rooms well. Even the usual nail polish negatively affects health. Building paints and varnishes cause much more serious health damage.

We even don’t suspect how many dangerous chemical carcinogens are excessively present in many familiar household items. They are able to affect the DNA of normal cells and cause irreversible changes in genetic material, that is why a person starts to fall ill.

To be healthy, start with your own home and throw out all poor quality things and try to buy only organic, natural items.

However, even a very selective approach at buying everyday things cannot provide you complete safety from being contaminated by some chemical substances, because they surround us everywhere. Polluted air saturated with exhaust fumes, tap water full of heavy metals, fruit and vegetables, which look so fresh and healthy contain overshooting doze of nitrates and pesticides which poison you and your family daily.

But remember, you have a chance for a healthy living! And the only way out is regular detoxification! The most effective remedy is PECTIN COMPLEX. This is the only one detox health supplement approved and recommended by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. In terms of state programs of supportive treatment, PECTIN COMPLEX has been successfully used in Hung Yen, Bac Giang, Ninh Binh provinces for treatment of lead contaminated children. As a result of application of PECTIN COMPLEX in all children the level of lead was greatly reduced.  

                  Providing PECTIN COMPLEX to lead poisoned children in Dong Mai, Hung Yen province

PECTIN COMPLEX works selectively - it eliminates not only heavy metals, but also formaldehydes, pesticides, nitrates, radinuclides and other toxic substances, and does not remove  vitamins and essential minerals from the body.

Take PECTIN COMPLEX and protect yourself from environmentally caused diseases!



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