Strengthen your children's immune system for the first five years of life





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     To help children stay healthy, parents should provide their children proper nutrition, shouldn’t abuse antibiotics and with a certain frequency to give them health supplements containing  vitamins and other essential nutrients.

       According to Associate Professor, PhD, Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy - Head of Pediatrics (Hanoi Medical University), the immune system plays a key role in maintaining the balance of the internal environment of the body, helps to fight harmful agents.

      Thanks to the antibody system that is provided from mother to child through placenta in the last 3 months of pregnancy, infants  have a strong immune system. But it only lasts for the first few months after birth and then is decreased rapidly after later. Therefore, the immune system of a child is incomplete; it is prone to respiratory and digestive diseases. Besides, the change of weather, environment is the cause which makes children weaker.

       Experts recommend that parents should focus on strengthening the immune system of children in the first 5 years of life. Here are some simple things which parents should do to help their children to have a healthy body.

                                 Proper nutrition

        Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy advised that in order  children have good resistance to diseases, parents should provide adequate nutrition with a reasonable menu. Parents should feed their children vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamins B and C such as oranges, mangoes, guavas ... In the early morning, children should be exposed to the sun for about 15 minutes to absorb vitamin D.

      In addition, to ensure good development, it is necessary to give children enough sleep and drink enough water every day.

Do not abuse antibiotics

     While studying the role of antibiotics to infectious diseases in children, Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Viet Ha - Deputy Head of Pediatrics (Hanoi Medical University) said that the situation of antibiotic use in children in the community is at a high level. In fact, many parents arbitrarily give antibiotics children when they have a cough, fever but do not know the cause of the disease. Most respiratory diseases are caused by viruses, while antibiotics only work when children have bacterial infection.

            Sufficient daily supply of vitamins and minerals

      According to experts, to have a good immune system, the amount of vitamins that we consume with food is not enough. Parents need to provide their children health supplements containing vitamins and nutrients that can fully fill the body’s  deficiency of nutrients. Active ingredient Beta- (1.3 / 1.6) D-Glucan belongs to Gluсan group which has the effect of enhancing immunity.

      When Beta D-Glucan (1.3 / 1.6) enters the body, it causes a rapid increase in the number of immune cells, especially macrophages. At the same time, they activate the antibody system that helps to operate at an optimal level, protecting the children from pathogens such as weather and environment.

      In addition, doctors recommend parents to give their children the health protection product PECTIN COMPLEX to help them to strengthen the immune system, provide essential vitamins for the body and reduce the risk of developing many diseases caused by the polluted environment.

     PECTIN COMPLEX is a multifunctional innovative premium quality Ukrainian product.

PECTIN COMPLEX consists of natural ingredients - sugar beet pectin and apple pectin with powerful vitamin complex. The product does not contain dyes, preservatives, chemical additives and flavors, does not damage the digestive tract and does not affect the PH environment. Particularly, PECTIN COMPLEX has a smart mechanism of action, only eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals from the child’s body, providing vital vitamins and minerals. It’s essentially necessary during the process of child’s growth and physical and intellectual development.



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