Strengthening the immunity of mother and child





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When a child appears in the family, the word "immunity" sometimes sounds several times a day. Healthy nutrition, vitamins, daily walks in the park, protection from excessive sunlight, exercise, water procedures - all these activities are aimed at strengthening the immunity. Parents sometimes forget about their own health protecting their child too much from viruses and microbes.

Immunity serves as the protector of the body, incessantly fighting with bacteria and viruses. Rapid fatigue, poor sleep or drowsiness, irritability or bad behavior of a child - all these are the signs of a decrease in the activity of immune system. This condition is characterized by a general weakness, when any virus or infection easily contaminates the child.

Severely polluted environment, food containing preservatives, lack of vitamins, stress, oxygen starvation - all these factors have the most negative impact on the health of the whole family, reducing the level of immune protection.

Huge support for the immune system is provided by special group of health supplements - sorbents. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they serve as a kind of "vacuum cleaner" of the intestine, removing all harmful, toxic and dangerous substances from it. It collects harmful microbes, viruses, toxic heavy metals and radionuclides and gently excretes them from the body.

For many years Ukrainian detox health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX has proven its efficiency as an effective and safe cleanser from all toxic substances for children and adults. This dietary supplement differs from other sorbents by its very high sorption capacity. PECTIN COMPLEX can bind hazardous compounds  of  different type and size. PECTIN COMPLEX is a health supplement that has undergone many clinical trials. It can be taken by young children, as well as pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. For prevention purposes PECTIN COMPLEX is applied by courses lasting for 30 days every 5 months.

How can PECTIN COMPLEX help Mom’s and Child’s Health:

  • Eliminates the cause of the disease, whether it is allergens, pathogenic bacteria, toxins or other poisonous substances.
  • Promotes the treatment and prevention of allergies; diseases of the stomach and intestines, acute respiratory viral infection and influenza, intoxication.
  • Increases immunity and reduces the risk of diseases due to its proven immunomodulating and adaptogenic action.
  • Does not contain additives, GMOs, preservatives or other artificial compounds. Tablets of PECTIN COMPLEX, if necessary, can be dissolved in water for ease of use.

In matters of strengthening immune system, enterosorbents play not the main, though an important role. Air baths, contrast showers, swimming and sunbathing, vitamins, proper nutrition and an active lifestyle should become an indispensable and integral part of everyone's life, who cares about the health.



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