Symptoms of mercury poisoning





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Mercury poisoning, as a rule, passes in a mild form, and by its symptoms it is similar to an upset stomach. Usually poisoning with a dangerous metal occurs through the skin and proceeds slowly. It is much more dangerous when particles of mercury enter the body through mucous membranes, because then suffers the liver of the victim. The most severe cases of mercury poisoning occur when mercury gets into the blood or into the respiratory system, - in this case the poisoning proceeds acutely. However, such cases happen not so frequently, for example, in industrial manufacture.

Particles of mercury

More often, people suffer chronic mercury poisoning, which occurs when they contact with a broken thermometer or electric bulbs. And in this case symptoms of intoxication appear in several stages.

WATCH OUT! Symptoms of mercury poisoning:

1. Even light mercury poisoning causes nervous system disorders, such as rapid fatigue, lethargy, headache, drowsiness, irritability and memory impairment. The patient can have tremor (shaking) of hands, tongue, and also cramps appearing all over the body. The temperature rises, the blood pressure on the contrary falls, sweating arises. In the case of an acute course of the disease, fainting and coma are possible.

2. The digestive system also suffers. The patient develops nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, there is a metallic taste in the mouth. The gums may be bleeding, salivation is increased. If the gastrointestinal tract is damaged, painful sensations and even ulcers can appear in the abdomen. The typical symptoms of mercury poisoning after contacting mercury in case of breaking a thermometer are redness of the gums and  appearance of a dark raid on them.

3. In case of an acute and chronic mercury poisoning, the following symptoms in respiratory system can be diagnosed: bronchitis, pneumonia. If the respiratory tract is severely damaged, hemoptysis may develop. In severe poisoning, edema of the lungs is not excluded.

Since mercury poisoning is a rare disease, few people know what to do in this case. Firstly, if you know that the poisoning is caused by mercury, you need to exclude contact with the source of intoxication.

Also you need to call a doctor immediately. As soon as possible it is necessary to clean the mucous membranes of a person - eyes, nose. Wash open areas of skin where mercury might have appeared. All this should be done with the help of a solution of potassium permanganate.

If mercury is found in the human stomach, it is necessary to wash the stomach with a large amount of water. In addition, it is necessary to take enetrosorbents as soon as you feel the first symptoms of intoxication. Enetrosorbents will collect the remains of a toxic substance and remove it from the patient's body.

To treat mercury poisoning, you need to use the most effective sorbents, for example PECTIN COMPLEX. It starts working already in 20 minutes after intake. This sorbent has passed more than 100 various researches and is recommended by experts as the first help in case of poisonings in the period of expectation of the doctor. The effect of PECTIN COMPLEX on the one side is very mild, and on the other - quite effective. Due to its unique formula, the degree of sorption of PECTIN COMPLEX is many times higher than of obsolete activated carbon.

Health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX is officially certified by Ukrainian and Vietnamese Ministries of Health. Its use is allowed to young children, as well as to pregnant and lactating women.

This dietary supplement is available in the form of tablets, but if necessary, for a more convenient intake, they can be dissolved in water.

The dosage of the PECTIN COMPLEX depends on the age of the patient, so read the instructions for use carefully.

When mercury poisoning, in addition to applying PECTIN COMPLEX, it is necessary to carry out additional  treatment in case of lesions of various organs due to your doctor’s recommendations.



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