Ten Detox Tips That Really Work





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The whole truth about detox: why it is necessary, what foods you should avoid and how to achieve maximum results

Complex cleansing of the body, or, as it is now called, detox, has been practiced in the world a long time ago, starting with ancient practices in Indian and Chinese medicine. Speaking of detoxification, we mean cleansing, relaxation and a healthy diet .

By eliminating toxins that have flooded the body at the cellular level, supporting it with healthy products and proper care, we help it restore immunity, health and vitality.


As mentioned above, detoxification means “great cleaning,” with a detailed and serious approach. When vital systems work half-heartedly, toxins are not filtered properly, having a very adverse effect on the body. The task is to eliminate a maximum of impurities both on the physical and mental levels. That is, it is important not only to cleanse the intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymphatic system, but also to achieve mental balance for a positive perception of the world.


American nutritionist Peter Bennett, author of the best-selling book “The Miracle of the Seven-Day Detox”, insists that everyone should detox at least once a year. This opinion is also supported  by Dr. Linda Page, the author of the book “Detoxification: Cleansing and Renewal Programs”, which is convinced that today the concentration of toxins in the urban environment has reached such a level that detox is “a necessary measure to stay afloat, avoiding disease and depressive symptoms” .

Dr. Linda Page considers the following symptoms indicating that you have a chronic intoxication:

• unexplained fatigue, even if you get enough sleep;

• lethargy, apathy, dull mood from the series “I do not want to do anything”;

• lack of comprehension, confusion of thoughts;

• allergic reactions, especially if this has not happened before;

• swelling of the eyelids, bags under the eyes;

• skin irritation, dryness and peeling;

• weakened immunity, frequent or chronic infections;

• regular bloating, slowing down metabolism;

• problems with menstruation (severe pain, cycle failure)


Step number one: Reduce the access of toxins into your body. Eliminate alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined fats and sugar from the menu - all these are obstacles to the natural recovery process. In addition, it is advisable to minimize the use of “chemical” detergents, cleaning products and personal care products (powders, shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, creams with parabens), replacing them with bio-eco-friendly alternatives.

Stress is a particularly insidious enemy for well-being. Anxiety or chronic depression is accompanied by the release of stress hormones that can cause an adrenaline shake to win the race or survive the deadline, but with constant exposure to the body, they can suppress the activity of detoxification enzymes in the liver. Yoga, qigong, meditation will help you – just find motivation and time for it.


The most effective way is the use of detox products that have proven effectiveness and are recognized and recommended by state medical institutions. Such a product  in the market of detox remedies in Vietnam is a unique Ukrainian product PECTIN COMPLEX. Results of scientific studies that have been officially published prove, that after the course of using PECTIN COMPLEX, the lead content in the body of children decreased by more than 77%.

PECTIN COMPLEX, due to its powerful sorption ability, binds and eliminates toxic substances of different masses, sizes and origin: all heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, radionuclides, etc.

The main thing that needs to be understood before proceeding: detox is a serious matter, requiring preparation and compliance with the regimen. American doctor Bennet advises at least a 30 day course, because it takes time to maximize body cleansing.

PECTIN COMPLEX is better than other detox products because it effectively:

• Collects all harmful substances and gently eliminates them from the body in a natural way.

• Improves and normalizes the function of digestive organs, helps to improve the digestibility of nutrients by the body.

• Stimulates liver functions  and the removal of toxins through the intestines, kidneys and skin, improves peripheral blood circulation;

• Saturates the body with beneficial vitamins.


Regardless of whether you have completed the cleansing course or are just considering it, follow these rules to prepare for detox, maintain its effect, or simply master a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Eat more fiber, including brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables. Beets, radishes, artichokes, cabbage, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella and seaweed - must have in the detox nutrition menu.
  2. Use only reliable products to cleanse the body, for example, the Ukrainian health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX,  is officially recommended by the Ministries of Health of Ukraine and Vietnam.
  3.  Take vitamin C to help the liver make glutathione, a compound that removes toxins.
  4.  Drink green tea instead of coffee and at least two liters of clean filtered water daily.
  5. Try to breathe deeply and calmly to allow oxygen to freely saturate the circulatory system.
  6.  Transform stress into positive emotions, learn meditation.
  7. Before the morning shower, massage the body with a natural bristle brush, stimulating the pores for the release of toxins. And it aslo invigorates! What can be better in the morning?
  8. Practice hydrotherapy: direct a hot shower on your shoulders, allowing water to massage your back for five minutes. Then switch to cold water for 30 seconds. Do this three times, wrap yourself in a soft bathrobe and lie down to rest for 30 minutes.
  9.  Visit a bathhouse or a sauna, helping the body remove waste through sweat.
  10. What else is important for detoxification? “Exercises about an hour a day,” Dr. Bennett advises. “Yoga, dancing, Pilates, jumping rope - the choice is yours"

After the detox course, your reflection in the mirror will delight you with a fresh complexion and a fit body, you will have enough energy for the successful implementation of all your plans and projects!

Do not delay the start of a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your own health from day to day! Start detox today, because it's so convenient! For example, detox with PECTIN COMPLEX does not require big restrictions on your diet or lifestyle, it does not cause side effects and has no contraindications, it is allowed and recommended to everyone, including pregnant and lactating women, children!

Choose perfect health in harmony with nature, choose detox!



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