The impact of polluted environment on the health of modern people





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    The environment  is formed by people who over the past millennium have influenced it in such a way that,  by building plants that make devices that make our life more comfortable and simple , we have developed a mechanism that tirelessly negatively affects our health.

     What can't a man live without? Without water and air, and on earth it becomes more and more difficult to find places with really clean water and air for healthy  human existence.

     The atmosphere is becoming more and more polluted every day, and vehicles contribute to this, as well as modern industry. Hazardous substances such as manganese, arsenic, selenium, xylene, asbestos, styrene, etc. get into the air every day. Later they are inhaled by children and adults , that leads to  accumulation of these compounds  in lungs and other internal organs and worsens health .  When all of the above mentioned substances enter the human body, they can provoke the development of cancer , as well as diseases of the nervous system, because many probably noticed that recently people have become more aggressive and unbalanced.

    Polluted water we drink is the reason of almost 2/3 of all human diseases.  Usual tap water can lead to the following diseases:

1) Cancer

2) Genetic changes, due to which children are born with various disabilities.

3) Reduced immunity.

4) Reduction of the work of the reproductive organs, both in the females  and in males.

5) Diseases of internal organs, namely  liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract.

    Industrially polluted  water and dirty air have a negative impact on the food that people consume daily. Usual food, which seemingly  should bring only benefits, contains more and more harmful toxins and other elements that can adversely affect human health. That is why in the world there are more and more diseases that are not curable. This once again confirms the negative impact of polluted environment  on human health.

    We kill ourselves. Trying to create comfortable conditions for our existence, we spoil everything that is given to us by nature. Because of human inventions, acid rains occur more and more often, because of big amounts of factories and plants and improper disposal of industrial waste  ,  toxic compounds get into the atmosphere and water, consequently contaminating soil and vegetables that grow there. Without realizing it, we destroy environment, and it seems that nature takes revenge on us for this, but in fact this is  the result of our irresponsible industrial actions.

    It is impossible  to avoid intoxication living in the modern world. The danger of potential intoxication lurks us everywhere.

    So, what can protect our health? The answer is   periodic body detoxification.

    Doctors admit that currently detoxification is same need as taking a shower.  If we clean the body outside from the dust , dirt and sweat, so why don’t we think about getting rid of the dust and other toxic compounds that accumulate in our body after inhaling them or consuming with polluted food?

     Detoxification is aimed at binding and elimination all toxic compounds from the body including heavy metals,  pesticides, nitrates, radionuclides, etc.

    Detoxification is highly recommended for people working in unhealthy conditions, for residents of big industrial cities, for children and seniors.

    Children are the most defenseless in front of pollution because their immune system is not strong enough to cope with a huge toxic overload that surrounds them. That’s why they firstly need detoxification.

    Well proven and effective product for natural body detoxification  is  a Ukrainian health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX.

     PECTIN COMPLEX combines three important functions:

  • It effectively  eliminates  all toxic compounds from the body due  to  purified medical grade sugar beet and apple pectin, which are well known in the world for their strong detoxifying properties.

  • It boosts the body with a multivitamin complex, containing 13 essential vitamins, thus strengthening the protective capabilities of the body.
  •  It has prebiotic action. Working in the digestive tract, pectin enhances  the growth of good intestinal microflora, preventing dysbiosis and strengthening immune system.

Be healthy and vigorous with PECTIN COMPLEX!



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