The Importance of Detoxifying Your Body





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    You are surrounded and bombarded with toxic compounds every day. In fact, you are even subjected to toxic free radicals that naturally form in the body due to stress, emotional disturbances and anxiety. The body has a built-in process for flushing toxins from the body in the form of tears, sweat and the natural elimination process.

     According to Kirsten Brooks, a London, England, nutritional consultant, detoxification is a vital and highly necessary step to maintaining good health because toxic overload is the reason of all chronic, modern illnesses.

Modern way of living has increased our exposure to toxins. In big cities there has almost not left any clean air, we permanently breathe in exhaust fumes and various chemical hazardous gases from the environment; in the fast pace of life we eat on the go, not thinking what harm fast food can bring us, we just think of quick satisfying the hunger; time from time we have to take chemical medications that treating some diseases destroy our liver and have harmful side effects on other organs and systems of our body. Some young people and many men abuse alcohol damaging their brain, liver and  cardiovascular system. Even women who seem to take very good care of their health often use cosmetics of some unclear origin that contains toxic, cancer causing compounds.

     Our bodies are so overwhelmed with toxins that 80% of all chemical processes that go on in the body involve detoxification activities, and still many dangerous toxins are accumulated in our bones, soft tissues and blood. Liver is the organ in our bodies that is the most responsible for detoxification – it filters blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body. By detoxifying the body, you help minimize the burden placed on the liver. But what can we do to minimize it? Doctors know the answer!


     PECTIN COMPLEX is an excellent, natural way to help cleanse the body of toxins on a daily basis. When consumed, PECTIN COMPLEX is immediately absorbed, then binds with harmful materials and helps to eliminate them from the body. PECTIN COMPLEX grabs heavy metals that got into your body with polluted food, water and eliminates it naturally through your own bodies elimination process.

     PECTIN COMPLEX detoxifies your body quickly and efficiently.

     Doctors point out that detoxification has always played an important role in natural medicine. Many medical books say that cleansing programs have played a part in human's rituals for health and well-being as far back as 1800 BC. All scientific materials state that it is important to maximize the supply of nutrients required to optimize the liver's detoxification pathways, which can mean supplementing the diet with nutrient-rich food and supplements. 

Dr. Dan Zisko, writing in www.livestrong.com, points out that toxins are stored in the body's major organs. A detox can help these organs work more effectively. In addition, a detox helps to flush free radicals from the body, which can make the body's immune system stronger and lower the risk of cancer. Dr. Zisko also states that detoxification can help clear the blood, which aids with circulation.


     Pectin helps your liver eliminate toxins by transporting them out of your digestive system. When there is a sufficient amount of pectin in your stomach, toxins stick with food and are eliminated with your bowel movements. If you don’t have enough pectin  in your system, the toxins re-enter your blood and the liver becomes overworked, since it has to process them all over again.

PECTIN COMPLEX is a gentle, natural and effective method of detoxifying your body due to its high soluble fiber content. PECTIN COMPLEX is officially recommended to all groups of population including pregnant women and little children with the aim of cleansing the body of toxic compounds and preserving good health.

Start detoxification with PECTIN COMPLEX today!



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