The Nobel Prize-winning scientist reveals the secret of longevity, and it is not healthy eating or exercising





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Today people are trying to study what to eat and drink to reduce the risk of development of illnesses and enhance life expectancy. However, this famous scientist shares another secret: A person can live a long life not by eating healthily or exercising but by keeping a good  "psychological balance."

Elizabeth Helen Blackburn (1948) is an Australian American biologist at the University of California at San Francisco. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2009. She is also active in the field of medical ethics and has been a member of the bioethical presidency council.

According to Dr. Blackburn, to enjoy longevity, healthy diet accounts for 25%, other factors for 25%, and psychological balance accounts for 50%.


"Stress hormones" harm the body


Psychological pressure is the cause of 65-90% of all types of illness

Modern medicine found that 65-90% of the illnesses like cancer, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, peptic ulcer, menstrual irregularities ... are related to the psychological pressure. These diseases are referred as mind and body illness.

When you are happy, the body produces a beneficial hormone called dopamine. This useful hormone is helpful in keeping the mind relaxed, giving a feeling of excitement. When the mind and body are in a comfortable state, the body functions and coordinates the work of all systems and organs well,  in a good in balance.

The "goal" can promote the vitality of life

According to the latest research of scientists: Living with targets creates a kind of powerful emotion that is beneficial to health. Our different desires in daily life determine our psychological mind.


A British scientist surveyed 40- to 90-year-olds during  seven years: the results showed that the group of people who lived with no clear life targets had  the rate of suicide and cerebral hemorrhage twice higher than the group with clear goals. Not only that, after retirement, no goal in life often cause mental and health decline.

Why is that? It happens because if a person lives without a goal, "death" will be the only goal in life. Then the self-destructive mechanism in the subconscious will quietly start your health deterioration. It is important that all "targets" must also be practical because otherwise they will trigger side effects. Learning to sing, dance, and play chess ... can become a goal in your life because they are all very possible.

Helping people really has a therapeutic effect

Researchers have found that financial support to others can reduce mortality by 42%; Spiritual support can help reduce mortality by 30%.

To find out the cause of this problem, an American medical researcher conducted a study with a participation of 106 students in their 20s divided into two groups: a volunteer group with good aims, a reserve group. After 10 weeks, the researchers found that the indicators of frequency of inflammatory diseases, elevated cholesterol level, excessive  weight of the volunteer team were lower than the reserve group.


Why helping others can heal?

Regularly helping others helps you feel proud, thereby reducing stress hormones, stimulating the "beneficial hormones." Doctors even make it clear that having  a good habit of helping people is the best way to get rid of sadness and also heal all illnesses, including mental illnesses and infectious diseases.

However, the fierce competition of modern life puts our mental pressures on the same increase. Frequent fatigue tends to produce a variety of negative emotions that affect health and longevity.

Besides, harmful substances from the polluted environment enter the body in such big amounts that the body is not able to expel them itself - as a result harmful substances accumulate in the lungs and other organs, then they are absorbed into the blood and are deposited in the body tissues and the internal organs (liver, kidneys, brain...)

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