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Silence, a cozy house in the mountains or a comfortable hotel room in a seaside resort - these attributes of a holiday season are pleasant and sometimes unforgettable events that help us to restore our energy and spend time with our families. Not less exciting are visits to new places for sightseeing, and getting to know the customs and trying ethnic cuisine ... However, few people think that summer vacation can be a serious danger to health and life.

Main elements of holiday trips


A first aid kit is the main component of any trip on vacation. An irreplaceable element of a first aid kit should be a sorbent, for example, a Ukrainian natural effective detox health supplement based on pectin, called PECTIN COMPLEX. For many years people have used activated charcoal as a sorbent in case of various poisonings, but the Ukrainian detox health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX works in the body many times more efficiently. In addition, it has much wider range of applications, in particular, with the help of PECTIN COMPLEX, it is possible to treat dysbacteriosis, normalize the body of sugar and cholesterol. There are no contraindications for use by pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children. This health supplement will come to the rescue in case of many malaises that can happen during the vacation. PECTIN COMPLEX is effective for relieving the symptoms of poisoning, hangover, and allergy. In addition, sugar beet pectin and apple pectin are an excellent preventive measure against a number of ailments, whether it be diarrhea, intoxication or skin spots or rash and itch.


Almost all resort areas abound in a variety of dishes. And almost all people decide to try fresh shrimps, mussels, crab meat and other seafood. But before you start eating seafood, you need to remember that this food can cause an allergic reaction and even food poisoning. Eating exotic food is dangerous because it can lead to allergic angioedema accompanied by respiratory failure.

Food poisoning is usually fraught with prolonged nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and dehydration, as well as the attachment of a bacterial infection. In such situations, it is always necessary to have a PECTIN COMPLEX as a rescue tool at hand.

How to survive a hangover on vacation

Hangover syndrome is much stronger and more unpleasant in summer, as the heat aggravates the course of alcohol intoxication. In addition, under the influence of a high level of heat, the toxic effect of alcohol metabolites increases, so even 100 grams of vodka can cause severe intoxication. In summer, in general, it is necessary to exclude the consumption of strong alcoholic drinks, it is safer to drink a little wine or beer.

As a result of drinking strong alcohol, in the first hours you may feel such symptoms as headache, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea and vomiting reflexes, indomitable diarrhea, sometimes even loss of consciousness. To make a hangover not so excruciating, you  need to take PECTIN COMPLEX before drinking alcohol. For the best effect, an intake of this detox health  supplement should be repeated before bedtime and preferably in the morning.

Note for the tourist!

Many travelers buy food products from street vendors, but these trays and kiosks are the main sources of infection by various pathogens, as they are not hygienic, and are rarely washed. After eating such dishes - a couple of months on the hospital bed may be guaranteed.

For a healthy, safe and happy vacation, take PECTIN COMPLEX with you on your trip. It will reliably protect you from all risks of poisoning and intoxication during your holiday.



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