Toxic chemicals contained in cosmetics that you do not know





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Many cosmetic products contain chemicals that reduce hormones in the body, affecting tissues that cause hepatotoxic or renal toxicity and can lead to cancer.

Dr. Le Thai Van Thanh from Skin Care Clinic, Hospital of University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh city said cosmetics (perfume, shampoo, body lotion, soap, hand lotion) are applied by the users to the skin and hair. On average, men use from 1- to 3 types of cosmetic products and women use from 3 to 6 types.

A patients with skin side effects from toxic chemical containing cosmetics

Chemicals in cosmetics can penetrate into the bloodstream and go to body tissues through inhalation such as perfumes, hair spray, sunscreen. Users can swallow coloring chemicals from cosmetics such as lipstick. These substances are absorbed through the blood to the tissues, directly invading the skin, clinging to the mucosa of the user.

Dr. Van said that Europe is the strictest place to control cosmetics in the world. The US controls 11-12% of the market. Vietnam has no organization to control the active ingredients in cosmetics to have practical warnings to consumers. Only small amounts of these substances entering the bloodstream can also cause endocrine disturbances to the body.

This expert also advises users to be cautious with cosmetics containing phthalates, amines, nonylphenol, parabens (methyl, ethyl ...) and  triclosan.

Dr Van also stated the study, conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in nearly 300 people, which found that phthalates were contained in the urine. This proves that the chemical first enters the bloodstream, then is transferred to circulatory system, goes to the kidneys and is excreted with  the urine. Cosmetics containing this chemical can cause infertility in both men and women and reduce levels of genital hormones.

Cosmetics that contain amine chemicals can disrupt and reduce hormone in the body, which negatively affects the liver, kidney and  can even cause cancer, also  damages the tissues of the eye. This chemical is used by many manufacturers to produce soap, hand lotion, shampoo, etc.

Cosmetics containing parabens can cause premature labor, premature menopause. Previously, the Drug Administration of Vietnam, Ministry of Health, has banned all cosmetics containing this chemical in Vietnam.

"Most manufacturers do not all publish ingredients used in cosmetics. There are products containing heavy metals such as lead that users do not know( because it is not stated on the label). Therefore, users must be very careful when choosing cosmetics to protect their health, "Dr. Van shared.

How to protect yourself?

Use less cosmetics. It's time to get rid of cosmetics of suspicious quality and throw away things you do not use or need anymore. Be honest with yourself or even ask your best friend what she thinks about using your cosmetics.

Be a smart consumer. Read carefully the list of ingredients on each cosmetic product label  that you own or intend to buy. If the label looks like a chemical formula in school, you probably will not want to buy it. Many agencies can help you determine which cosmetics you should avoid and which ones are safe for your health. These agencies have an online website, such as: Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Program, and Good Guide.

Buy cosmetics that is certified as safe. Many agencies have strict safety standards for cosmetics and other products. Buy certified items to ensure that they meet these requirements. You can find the following seals or logos on cosmetics:

COSMOS. This is an internationally recognized certificate for natural or organic cosmetics.

Natrue. This test seal assures consumers that the product has not been tested on animals and does not contain ingredients derived from petroleum, silicone oils and other compounds, does not contain GMO, synthetic colors or fragrances. In addition, these products also do not use irradiation.

NSF / ANSI 305. This test stamp tells you which products contain at least 70% organic ingredients on the weight of the product. It means that: "All products are made from organic materials, which are safe, effective, natural and certified for body care and does not contain synthetic flavors, phthalates, high sulfate levels, or parabens. "



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