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Improper nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, constant exposure to severely polluted environment lead to the fact that our body accumulates toxins and waste, which are the main cause of many diseases.

What are toxins and body waste?

Body waste is substances that accumulate in the human body during the course of life: these include fecal and bilirubin stones, salts and oxides of heavy metals, chronic bile and mucus.

The human body is a self-sufficient mechanism that has everything necessary to cope with the decomposition products of the substances - the liver, kidneys, sweat glands. But if the amount of slag prevails over the capabilities of excretory systems, then they accumulate, and, accordingly, deterioration of health.

Toxins are poisonous substances that come from outside or form inside the body. Nowadays, when the food industry has combined with the chemical industry, the amount of toxins in food has increased dramatically. The era of synthetic food additives has opened up new opportunities for food manufacturers. Thanks to stabilizers and preservatives, the products do not spoil for months, thanks to dyes - they have an appetizing color, flavor enhancers can create any bouquet of taste sensations. For all this, we have our health.

What are preservatives?

These are the same antibiotics that kill bacteria that cause product spoilage. Many supplements are deadly to health. For example, preservatives E230, E231 and E232, thanks to which we have oranges and bananas in stores that do not spoil for years, are nothing more than Phenol! The one that, getting into our body in small doses, provokes cancer, and in large is pure poison!

Many synthetic food colors are powerful carcinogens, have a mutagenic effect, negatively affect the liver and kidneys, and disrupt the function of the thyroid gland. This is not a complete list of all the “charms” we get with food products, to say nothing about medicines and household chemicals. Toxins can also form inside the body during overeating, non-observance of the daily regimen and diet, consumption of meat, sausages and confectionery, semi-finished products, alcohol and other unnatural for humans century products. Also, toxins can occur in the body during various infectious processes, due to malfunction, or removal of the thyroid gland; dysfunction of some internal organs, tuberculosis, metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus. Accumulating in the body, toxins and toxins poison it and lead to various diseases. Our body begins to scream for help, the main thing is to hear this scream.

Signs of intoxication:

• Morning raid on the tongue, indicating that the food eaten the day before was poorly digested

• Gastrointestinal Disorders (more often - constipation)

• Fetid odor of feces and the presence of undigested food residues in them

• Clouded urine

• Increased gas formation

• Bad breath

• Laziness, fatigue, fatigue, constant drowsiness and weakness

• Irritability

• Allergic reactions

• Possible causeless increase in body temperature to 37 ° - 37.2 ° C

• Hunk in the limbs

• Violation of the taste perception of familiar products

• Heaviness in the stomach after eating

• Puffiness

• Exposure to infectious diseases

• Loss of appetite

• Headaches

• Increased sweating

• Acne and skin rashes

• Dry hair and brittle nails

If you find yourself with three or more symptoms, you should cleanse the body, undergo an examination with a qualified specialist and pass the necessary tests. If, after reading the signs of intoxication, you find yourself with more than six of them, you need to urgently take action. Your body is in critical condition and ignoring these symptoms can lead to the most serious illnesses.

Russian doctor G.P. Malakhov in his book "Cleansing the body" writes:

“If the human body became transparent and the person looked inward, he would immediately understand the cause of his ill health. So, some of us could see inside our large intestine up to 10 kg of sintered, stuck to the walls of feces or 1-2 liters of mucus, similar to brown algae, in which worms swarm. On the walls of the intestines themselves - strange outgrowths, similar to jellyfish or mushrooms. This is how polyps look. In their abdominal cavity, especially in the lower abdomen, they would see an accumulation of glassy mucus. Especially shocking would be the sight of one's own liver, stuffed with stones of different colors. For many, the kidneys would be dusted with sand, and for some, they would be stoned. The lungs are filled with mucus, and the maxillary sinuses in some are filled with 1-3 glasses of pus. People over the age of 40 would be surprised to find that about 1/3 of their body's cells have become old and do not perform their functions. Some of them have already died out and with their decomposition poison the body. In addition, they would consider dirty blood, deposits in tendons, ligaments, and much more that would amaze them … Seeing all this in their own body, a person would immediately realize that his heart aches are from poisoned blood, poor digestion is from a dirty liver , loss of vision and hearing are from pus accumulated in the head, and hernia and sexual weakness appeared from mucus accumulated in the lower abdomen, etc.

In order to eliminate the accumulated toxins from the body and prevent body contamination with the new ones, it is necessary to have a healthy diet and take PECTIN COMPLEX for effective detoxification of the body at the cellular level.

In our experience, already during the first weeks of detoxification with PECTIN COMPLEX, more than 50% of health complaints disappearing from our patients. Do not neglect your health! Take care of your body and keep it clean with PECTIN COMPLEX!

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