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Many people work in the unhealthy working conditions often even without realizing that their health and life is adversely affected.

The most frequent occupational diseases are: amblyacousia, ophthalmic diseases, cancer of the skin and lungs, reproductive system disorders of women and men.

Occupational hazards

It is difficult to enumerate all possible types of occupations with unhealthy working conditions because the list of them is quite long. Some of them are related to hazardous chemicals, other to noise, etc. Let’s focus on four main factors of production hazards.    

Physical hazards

Increased levels of dust. The slurry in the air adversely affects lungs, not only the amount of dust matters, but also its qualitative composition.  

Lighting. Unlike natural light, a number of sources of artificial light can negatively affect mental and physical condition of employees.           

Noise level. Sound affects the state of mind the same way as bright light. This discomfort can occur not only depending on its level, but also on the quality.  

Radiation. It has an impact on the internal organs, and general condition of the skin.  

Biological hazards

Unhealthy working conditions, which are associated with the increased concentration and activity of microorganisms lead to disruption of the body systems. Protective suits and masks often cannot prevent from danger.  

Chemical hazards

A number of chemical elements have a destructive impact on workers’ health, and the danger level also has a certain gradation, according to which the category of unhealthy working conditions is defined.  

Psychological hazards

High level of stress and constant contact with many people creates tension and may cause psychological disorders, apathy and depression.


An alarming fact: The study determined that 41% of women, who gave birth to children with pathologies, had worked at factories with unhealthy working conditions.

Menstrual irregularities, toxemia of pregnancy, spontaneous abortions, premature births, stillbirths, as well as increase of number of various congenital anomalies are largely related to the effects of environmental toxicants.      

Safety at Work

 Safety of working conditions fully depends on the management of the plant or factory which is responsible for organization of the working space for the staff in the way that minimizes the dangerous effects on health. The staff of factories must be provided with noise insulation, additional ventilation equipment, respirators and masks.

Compensation for unhealthy working conditions

The Labor Code is the basic document which determines all the rules and measures of compensations for the staff of the factories with unhealthy working conditions. The level of compensation may vary from the guidelines, which define additional payments or the increase of duration of the vacation, provide workers with milk and juice. PECTIN is successfully uses by many countries as a type of compensation to people who work in the unhealthy working environment.

PECTIN is successfully uses in many countries as a type of compensation for the people who work in the unhealthy working environment.

  • PECTIN effectively eliminates toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, radionuclides, and other persistent chemical contaminants;
  • Regulates metabolism;
  • Boosts the immune resistance of the organism;
  • Has anti-tumor and anti metastasis action.



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