1. Natural product – contains sugar beet pectin and apple pectin powders.

2. Basiс ingredient of PECTIN COMPLEX is sugar beet pectin.Ukrainian scientists developed a unique technology of sugar beet pectin production. Such pectin has the best complexing and binding properties, and as a detoxifying natural substance has no analogue in the world. The studies show that of all  kinds of pectin (apple, citrus and beet) – sugar beet pectin has three times better complexing ability and the ability to bind toxic metals. Japanese scientists admit that sugar beet pectin is the most effective for detoxication.

3. PECTIN COMPLEX effectively cleanses the body from toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, radionuclides, and other persistent chemical contaminants without eliminating essential minerals.  

4. The clinical studies which have been conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Occupational Medicine of Ukraine proved high efficiency and safety of the dietary detox supplement PECTIN COMPLEX.

5. European quality of production.