Wanting to lose weight, dieting is not enough!





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For long time, laziness and unhealthy diet are thought to be two major causes of obesity. Recently, scientists have discovered another factor that causes uncontrolled weight gain, which may be the key to decreasing excess fat in your body. It is the accumulation of toxins in fat tissues.

Accumulation of toxins in fat tissues not only makes you fell self-deprecated about your appearance; obesity also increases the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes, lipid disorders ... Particularly obesity is one of the risk factors that causes cancer.

However, maintaining a healthy weight has never been easy for overweight people. Weight loss plans are constantly failing even though we adhere to strict dietary regimens, even with lack of nutrition. Wanting to keep a healthy weight, dieting is not enough. On the contrary, sometimes it is counterproductive. What is the key to helping overweight people regain their shape and maintain a healthy weight?

Toxins are the culprit to keep fat

Modern living makes us daily to be exposed to many toxins in foods like heavy metals,  pesticides, preservatives in drinking water, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, polluted smoke and dust, etc. It makes the detox system of your body overloaded. Toxins that are not excreted in time will accumulate in the body, mostly in the fat tissue.


In addition to energy storage, fatty tissues are also an ideal place to isolate toxins, protect the body's vital organs. However, the storage capacity and the time of isolating poisons are not infinite. If the body is constantly exposed to the source of toxic substances, fatty tissues oversaturate and become the source of inner chronic intoxication  that poisons the body itself.

Toxins are also the cause of failures of losing weight. When the fat tissues are burned, the toxins are released into the blood, attacking the vital organs. If these toxins are not eliminated in time, the body's defense system will alert the body to rebuild fat tissue to store the toxin. As a result, our weight returns to the original mark.


This vicious cycle ends only when accumulated toxins are excreted from the body. That means you have to make sure your detox system works well so that you can metabolize and get rid of these toxins.

Proper detoxification of the body is the key to getting rid of fat

To detoxify your body, first make sure you do not add more toxins in your body. By following a healthy diet, using organic foods, limit exposure to toxic sources such as cigarette smoke, alcohol, drugs, cosmetics, personal care products…

Next, ensure that the toxins in the body are cleanly excreted and that there is no chance for them to accumulate in fat tissues of the body. To do this, you can rely on the "help" of health supplement that is reliable, safe with gentle and effective work.

If you need to detoxify the body in a short time - use PECTIN COMPLEX - a Ukrainian health supplement for a complex body cleaning. It contains an optimal combination of two natural strong sorbents – sugar beet pectin and apple pectin, enriched with a vitamin complex consisting of 13 essential vitamins: A, D, E, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, folic acid and beta carotene. PECTIN COMPLEX does not contain sugar, dyes, preservatives; it was created specifically for elimination of harmful substances from the body in a natural and gentle way. It is popular among allergists and nutritionists.


The unique, patented formula of this health supplement is able to collect molecules of toxic substances of different size. For more than 20 years PECTIN COMPLEX has been a success in the market of health supplements in Ukraine and CIS countries, helpings millions of people to improve the health and has received positive and grateful feedbacks. PECTIN COMPLEX has undergone many clinical trials. This natural health supplement successfully copes with internal intoxications of different origin. PECTIN COMPLEX has no contraindications; it is allowed to take even for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.



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