Water pollution





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Sources of pollution: industrial emissions, leakage from sewage systems.

Health problems: oncological deases, cardiovascular diseases, digestive and gastrointestinal tract disorders, gene mutations.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), water contains 13 thousand potentially toxic elements.

  • Heavy metals in the water (such as lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, nickel, chromium) cause atherosclerosis, polyneuritis, and hypertension.
  • Radioactive uranium, plutonium, thorium, strontium, cesium, lead to cancer, genetic changes, weakening of the immune system and congenital pathologies.
  • Germs which enter the water with sewage can become a cause of gastroenteritis, hepatitis, polio, and various kinds of intestinal disorders.  

Also, such hazardous elements as fluorine, chlorine and its compounds, bromine, chloroform may enter the water and cause  nephritis, hepatitis, toxemia of pregnancy and congenital malformations of the fetus, mutagenic effects, weakening of the immune system, damage of the reproductive functions of men and women, cancer of internal organs .

To reduce the risk of poisoning by toxic elements that drinking and tap water may contain, it is necessary:

  • To use special home water filters
  • To use purified bottled water
  • To boil water before drinking

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee the quality of drinking water; no one is safe from poisoning.Therefore, to protect your and your family’s health, you should regularly conduct preventive detoxification. To this end many leading specialists recommend to take dietary detox supplement PECTIN COMPLEX, which:

  • Effectively cleanses your body from toxins, heavy metals and other harmful chemical substances;
  • Improves the function of digestive system;
  • Improves overall health;
  • Enhances the immune system and protects  from viruses and infections.



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