We are what we eat: 10 simple tips on nutrition





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         Modern rhythm of life does not always allow us to adhere to proper nutrition. We often don't have time to eat at work or catch something along the way. But our diet directly affects the condition of the skin. Therefore, we have collected some tips to help you to stay healthy and beautiful, even if you are very busy.


1. Drink more water. It promotes the natural detoxification of the body, saturates the cells with moisture and supports the natural moisturizing of the skin. It is necessary to drink 1.5-2 liters of pure non-carbonated water per day.

2. Cook yourself. If possible, it is better to abandon semi-finished products and foods with an incomprehensible composition. There are almost no useful substances in them, and there are a lot of extra chemical elements that are harmful to the body.

3. Eat regularly. Hunger during the day and a big supper before bedtime is a huge load for digestion. Plan your meals in advance and try to eat at the same time every day.

4. Eat a varied diet. Try new products, look for interesting recipes, do not dwell on the same thing. Then your body and skin will receive the full range of nutrients.

5. In addition to a healthy diet, doctors recommend to use health supplements to boost proper functioning of the digestive system. Taking PECTIN COMPLEX after a meal helps to remove toxins , to normalize the bowels, improve skin condition.

Proper Diet:

6. Eat more fiber. It is especially abundant in green vegetables. Fiber helps to improve digestion and creates a favorable environment for the development of lactobacilli. Intake of natural health supplements can also help the body to balance the intestinal bacterial environment.

For example, Ukrainian health supplement PECTIN COMPLEX contains apple pectin, which stimulates the growth of beneficial bifidobacteria and lactobacilli and inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Thus, taking PECTIN COMPLEX helps to normalize the intestinal microflora and strengthen the immune system.

7. Consume more healthy fats. Cold-pressed vegetable oils, avocados, nuts and seeds  - all contribute to the health of the hormonal system and also have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and hair.

What is better to exclude:

8. Reduce the consumption of white flour. This type of flour goes through a lot of processing steps, and practically no useful properties remain in it. It is better to replace white bread with whole grain. It has more beneficial fiber.

9. Try to eliminate sweets, because sweet foods contain predominantly white sugar - the main cause of diabetes and weight problems. In addition, its excessive consumption leads to the destruction of the natural collagen of the skin, and it loses its elasticity. If you want something sweet, eat a fruit or a spoon of honey .

10. Eat less salt. Salt retains moisture in the body, which leads to edema. Especially it is not recommended to eat salty dishes at night, in order to avoid swelling under the eyes in the morning.

In order to always be in a good mood even with the busiest graphics, you need to take good care of your health. Proper nutrition, taking PECTIN COMPLEX, regular sleep and rest help us to stay not only healthy, but also beautiful, because external beauty begins inside.

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