What happens to the body after applying nail polish?





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We all know that you cannot use nail polish too often: as the nails begin to weaken and turn yellow. But in fact, this cosmetic product is much more harmful to our health than is commonly believed.

We do not call you to give up manicure, we will only tell you about the negative impact of nail polish on our body.

                             What is the main danger to health?


Dangerous ingredients on the label of nail polish

The danger of nail polish is in its toxicity. Some modern nail cosmetics contain the following ingredients that can destroy your health:


Toluene is a solvent that creates a smooth coating on nails and preserves the pigment. It is known that toluene can affect the central nervous system and cause harm to reproductive system of women.  In case of permanent use of nail polish, a woman can have frequent headaches, weakness, fainting, nausea – and these are not all deteriorating health consequences of using a low-quality nail polish.


Formaldehyde is a colorless gas, due to which nail polish is stored longer. Allergy sufferers, when exposed to formaldehyde, may have dermatitis and chemical burns. In more severe cases, nail polish users can experience heart rhythm disturbances, seizures; and even cancer can occur.


Dibutyl phthalate is used as a flavoring. Because of this dangerous component, woman often experience endocrine disorders, gynecological diseases and respiratory tract diseases.

Scientists conducted a study with the participation of 24 women. Six hours after the participants made nails, most of them had an increased level of diphenyl phosphate, a substance that is a derivative of triphenyl phosphate, and is formed in the process of metabolism. And 10 hours after applying the nail polish, the level of diphenyl phosphate in the body of all participants was already 7 times higher than the norm. This is highly alarming.

How to choose a nail polish that will be safe for health?

You should look for the nail polish with the following marks:

  • "5-Free" –this mark means that formaldehyde, its derivatives and resins, toluene, dibutyl phthalates and camphor are not contained in the nail polish.
  • "3-Free" - means that the nail polish does not contain such 3 components as: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene.


Therefore, before buying nail polish, first of all, pay attention to its composition, because your health is in your hands.

However, sometimes dishonest manufacturers do not indicate dangerous substances on the labels of nail polishes. In this case it is impossible to protect yourself while doing manicure. In this case, it is better to take care about the prevention of intoxication from different chemical ingredients that our cosmetic contains. The best natural remedy for body cleansing is a health detox supplement from Ukraine – PECTIN COMPLEX. The effectiveness and safety of this product has been repeatedly scientifically proven and confirmed by millions of satisfied customers.



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