WHO: consumption of sausages and processed meat causes cancer





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Health care specialists all around the world are seriously concerned by the issue of adverse health effect of very popular foods for millions of people – sausages, bacon and processed meat in general.

Doctors urge the patients to exclude sausages from the diet and address everybody with the only one message:

Stop eating sausages and hot-dogs! And stop feeding your children with these extremely harmful foods!

There is no doubt, that sausages are a very affordable, popular and beloved product for many adults and children. However, according to the latest study, children, eating more than 10 sausages a month, have 9 times higher risk of development ofleukemia (blood cancer).

In addition, mothers who eat at least one hot dog per week during pregnancy, thereby increase in their future children the risk of development of brain malignant tumors in adult life. Moreover, even fathers who often eat hot dogs before the child conception, also increase the risk of development of cancer not only for themselves, but also for their future child.

What substance in processed meat is the source of danger?  

The answer is: nitrates.

Nitrates are usually added to meat while processing, with the aim to kill the causative agent of botulism (infectious disease).

During heat treatment, which is a part of sausage making process, the nitrates chemically react with amines (either present in meat), whereby a substance, called N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) is formed. This substance is an extremely dangerous carcinogen. If your family often eat sausages or bacon, you should immediately limit the consumption of these products.

Nitrates in food is the main reason of development of stomach, pancreas, kidney and intestinal cancer.  The most frequent types of cancer, caused by processed meat consumption – are liver and colon cancer.

Eating 50 grams of processed meat a day (at least two pieces of bacon) increases the risk of  liver cancer by 67%; and colon cancer by 21%, says the report  of the WHO's International Agency for  Cancer Research, made  on the basis of 800 of scientific studies  of  cancer patients and the  analysis of their diet.  

In addition to nitrates, most sausages also contain nitrites, phosphates, artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives. All these substances make the sausages so tasty and attractive, but very harmful for human health.

Even with the complete exclusion of processed meat from your diet, you still cannot be completely confident in the safety and naturalness of other foods that you consume on a daily basis, due to the fact, that many unscrupulous manufacturers use in the production harmful chemicals that cause the development of serious diseases.

In order to stay healthy, it is necessary to cleanse the body from harmful substances, which daily enter our body with poor quality food. Doctors recommend regular use of a natural dietary detox supplement Pectin Complex, which promotes the excretion of heavy metal ions, nitrates, pesticides, radionuclides and other pollutants.

Choose high quality natural foods, conduct regular detoxification and be healthy!



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