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      Often we try to deal with skin problems only with the help of cosmetics. Of course, dirty air, makeup, and improper care are common causes of imperfections. But skin health is much more dependent on the health of the digestive system. We often hear that proper nutrition and good digestion are the key to health and beauty. Let's see if this is true, and why the PECTIN COMPLEX is good for the intestines. 

       A healthy intestine is a pledge of the general health of the body, because it is here that the main process of assimilation of nutrients takes place. In the intestines live billions of bacteria that create a special system - the microflora. In many ways, it is the basis of our immunity, because 80% of all cells that are responsible for immunity, are located in the intestine. Therefore, for good health, it is so important to stick to a balanced diet and take care of maintaining the balance of microflora.

      Normal microflora consists of 95% bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. They are responsible for the normal functioning of the intestines, protect it from pathogenic organisms and toxins, help digestion, promote the absorption of vitamins, beneficial microelements and strengthen the immune system. When the balance is disturbed, the protective functions of the whole body can be reduced. The imbalance between beneficial and harmful bacteria is called dysbiosis. A significant effect of intestinal microflora on the manifestations of various skin diseases has been clinically proven. Against the background of an imbalance in the intestinal microflora, the development of “harmful” bacteria on the skin surface is accelerated, the sebaceous and sweat glands of the skin increase (manifested in the form of acne, redness and rash).

      When we load the body with fast food, eat little or irregularly, drink, and also take a lot of drugs, the bacterial balance can be disturbed. To adjust the natural processes of the digestive system help various means for cleansing the intestines. PECTIN COMPLEX is a combination of a sorbent and a prebiotic: natural, highly purified beet pectin in its composition binds and removes toxins accumulated as a result of malnutrition and helps to return lightness and well-being. And apple pectin, which has an excellent prebiotic effect, improves the intestinal function due to the growth of its own beneficial bacteria.

      It is extremely important to maintain health from the inside, and then the reflection in the mirror will only please. Proper nutrition, healthy sleep and rest - this is the minimum program. PECTIN COMPLEX for the intestines is a true ally in the struggle for microflora balance. Receiving PECTIN COMPLEX helps to maintain intestinal health and beauty of the skin, even if it is not always possible to lead a correct lifestyle.

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